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Do you think that, sooner or later, you’ll want to move to different accommodation? Re-register now to start building up your waiting time again. This makes it easy to move on when you’re ready.

Maybe you’d like a bigger place, a bit more privacy, or just to try a different part of Rotterdam? At Stadswonen Rotterdam we make it easy for you to move on to one of our other rooms, studios or apartments. Find out more about developing your property rental career.

As an existing tenant, you build up waiting time faster than non-tenants. But you do need to re-register as an accommodation seeker, because the registration through which you found the place you’re now in will have automatically expired when you signed your contract. So re-register now via Stadswonen Portal for a one-off €15 administration fee.

When you signed your current rental contract, your registration automatically expired. You therefore need to re-register. As an existing tenant you build up waiting time faster than non-tenants. This makes it easy for you to eventually move to another place that (better) meets your requirements. And the accommodation you vacate then becomes available to a new tenant.


Property rental career

From room to apartment. Saskia talks about her property rental career

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