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Meeting the residents and viewings

You’ve responded to your dream room, studio or flat. So what happens next? Depending on how it is allocated, you may receive an invitation to meet the existing residents or – in cases where the unit is allocated directly by Stadswonen Rotterdam – an invitation to view the unit.

If the unit’s existing residents have decided to select their new housemate by ballot, the responses from people with the longest registration period are forwarded to them by Stadswonen. The residents choose a number of people from this list whom they would like to meet.

Maybe the residents will call you to arrange an appointment, so you can get to know them and check out the room on offer. And if there’s a click, they may choose you as their new housemate. However, there’s always the possibility that they won’t call you because they’ve selected someone else. That’s all part of the game (Why select by ballot?).

If the existing residents want you as their new housemate, and you’d like to view the room a second time before making your decision, usually you can call them to set an appointment. Perhaps you want to take over furniture or other items – you can consult with the residents or the previous occupant. Have you reached an agreement on this matter with the person who’s vacating the room or one of the residents? In that case, you can fill in a declaration takeover movable property before the final inspection for the vacating occupant.

When you’ve been allocated a rental unit, you have the option of viewing it before deciding whether you’ll accept it or not. Be sure to take advantage of this option. Viewing the accommodation gives you a better and more realistic picture of what to expect as far as the accommodation itself, the residential building and the environs are concerned.

Viewing a vacant accommodation

If the previous occupant has already moved out of the accommodation, you can pick up the key at Stadswonen’s head office on Rochussenstraat 21 in Rotterdam. Have a good look around in the accommodation and return the key to the head office that same day.

Don’t forget to take the following items along when you come to pick up the key:

  • A EUR 20 deposit for the key
  • A photocopy of your proof of identification

Viewing a rental unit that is still occupied

If the previous occupant has not yet moved out, we will bring you in touch with each other. You can confer with the previous occupant when you will be visiting to view the accommodation. In some cases, the residential manager of the residential building may act as an intermediary.

As it is, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the previous occupant. After all, you might want to take over some of his or her movables, since this is often cheaper than buying everything new. Have you made some kind of agreement to this end with the previous occupant or one of the housemates? In that case, you can fill in a declaration takeover movable property before the final inspection for the vacating occupant.