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Meeting the residents and viewings

Submitted your application – what happens now?

What can you expect after applying for a room, studio or apartment?

After your chosen accommodation’s application closing date has passed, you can follow the status of your application via the Stadswonen Portal. Whether you are invited for a viewing or tenants’ interview depends on the length of your waiting time, eligibility for fast-tracking and the preferences of the existing tenants (in the case of selection by tenant interview).

Have you been allocated an accommodation? Depending on the type, you be invited for a viewing or an interview with the existing tenants.

Before making your final decision, you’ll probably want to check out the accommodation, the building it’s in and the neighbourhood. That is, of course, possible.

Viewing vacant accommodations

If the previous occupant has already vacated the accommodation, you can pick up the key from the Stadswonen Rotterdam head office. You’ll need to show ID and pay a €20 deposit. Return the key to us straight after the viewing.

Viewing occupied accommodations

If the current tenant hasn’t yet moved out, we will put you in touch with each other so you can arrange the viewing yourselves. In some cases, the manager of the residential building will act as intermediary.


When a room becomes available, the other tenants still living there may choose who they want to move in by interviewing the applicants. In this case, we forward them the details of the 15 applicants who have the longest waiting times.

If you are among this group, the existing tenants will call you to make an appointment. If there’s a good rapport between you, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered the room. If you don’t hear from them, then they’ve chosen someone else.

If you are the chosen applicant but you want to view the room again, just to be sure it’s what you want, you can usually arrange to do this directly with the existing residents.

See more information about tenants’ interviews and handy tips for increasing your chances of being selected.