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Signing the tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreement for your new place

It’s almost all done ... you’ve accepted the offer of your new accommodation and now it’s time to sign the contract.

Below is all you need to know about this process.


A campus contract is a rental agreement for accommodation intended for students. This contract states that you may only reside in that accommodation if you are a student and for as long as you are still studying. After completing or ending your studies, you must vacate the accommodation within six months.

Signing the contract

Your rental agreement will be sent to you via email and you’ll need to sign it digitally. After you’ve signed, we’ll send you a request for payment of the first month’s rent, service costs and administration costs.

Tenancy agreement costs 

Stadswonen Rotterdam does not charge any agency fees or ask for deposits. Upon signing the tenancy agreement, you have to pay the first month's rent and the costs for the contract. That is €25 or €30 (depending on the type of building and whether we provide the nameplate or not).

Changing your mind

If you accept an accommodation but then change your mind, you must inform us within three days of receiving the notification of your appointment for signing the contract. We will not charge you any costs if you notify us within this time-frame. If more than three working days lapse before you inform us, we will charge you a €100 cancellation fee for administrative work and the increased chance of the accommodation remaining unoccupied longer than necessary.

Please avoid this situation by thinking carefully when searching for a place to live, submitting your application, viewing and, ultimately, accepting the accommodation.