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Signing the tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreement for your room, studio or apartment

The day has finally come: you can almost move into your new room, flat or studio. Once you’ve viewed and accepted the unit, you are invited to our head office to sign the rental agreement. There are a few things that we would like to explain in more detail.

Once you have confirmed you would like to rent an accommodation, you will receive an invitation from us to sign the rental contract. This takes place at Rochussenstraat 21. You will receive an e-mail in advance of this asking you to provide the necessary documentation digitally. If you do this, you won’t have to bring anything with you to the signing of the contract.

What are you signing to?

Signing the rental contract means that you (as the tenant) and Stadswonen Rotterdam (as the landlord) both agree to a number of clearly described rights and obligations. By signing the contract, you declare that you agree to paying the stated rental price and accept the condition of the rented property, along with accepting the General Terms & Conditions for Rental (download) and, if applicable, the Management Regulations (download). The rental agreement is legally binding.

In a number of residential complexes, the unit is offered on the basis of a student tenancy agreement. This agreement stipulates that you are entitled to rent your unit as long as you are registered as a full-time student at a university of applied sciences (HBO) or research university (WO) in Rotterdam. When you sign the tenancy agreement for such a unit, you automatically agree to move out within six months after ending your studies.

Student tenancy agreements are used in the case of residential complexes that are exclusively reserved for the following target groups:

  • Students enrolled in a university of applied sciences (HBO) programme in Rotterdam
  • Student enrolled in research university (WO) programme in Rotterdam

Our overview of residential complexes specifies per building which target group or groups the complex is reserved for and whether residents are required to sign a student tenancy agreement.

At Stadswonen Rotterdam, tenants don’t have to pay a deposit for their rental unit. When you sign your tenancy agreement, you are required to pay the first month’s rent plus the costs of the tenancy agreement itself:

  • EUR 25 for a unit with a basic rent lower than EUR 710.80*
  • EUR 30 for a unit with a basic rent lower than EUR 710.80* for which Stadswonen Rotterdam arranges a nameplate. Whether this applies varies from building to building.
  • EUR 100 for a unit with a basic rent over EUR 710.80*

*Rent as of 1 January 2016.

When you sign a tenancy agreement for a parking spot, you are required to pay a EUR 115 deposit for the smartcard or transponder and a charge of EUR 25 for the tenancy agreement itself.

Did you accept a rental unit, but have you changed your mind? Please notify us within 3 days of receiving our letter confirming the signing date for your rental agreement. If you notify us within this period, you will not be charged for your cancellation. If you cancel within three days of the signing date, you will be charged a EUR 100 cancellation fee.

While EUR 100 is a sizeable sum, when you take account of the extra administrative costs involved in processing a cancellation, and the increased likelihood of the unit remaining vacant for longer than planned, it is actually quite reasonable. Try to avoid this situation by carefully considering what you really want when you are looking for a unit, responding to advertisements, viewing possible options and ultimately accepting a unit.