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FirstYearFirst – priority allocation for new students!

Planning to go to college in Rotterdam, and need a place to live? If you’re 23 or younger and about to enter full-time higher education for the first time, get yourself signed up for FirstYearFirst and get priority room allocation as a first-year student.

Each summer we prioritise a selection of our rooms for first-year students. This means those who are just starting out have a better chance of getting a room in Rotterdam quickly.

Registration for FirstYearFirst 2019

To qualify for the rooms we reserve for first-year students each year, you first need to be registered with Stadswonen Rotterdam as a house-hunter. From mid May, you can then register for FirstYearFirst via your Stadswonen Portal. 

From July, everyone who’s registered for FirstYearFirst can apply for homes that are advertised as FirstYearFirst / Room promotion. This programme prioritises room allocation to first-year students. Be aware though, that participation does not guarantee you’ll get a room, as it is still likely we’ll have more applications from first-year students than rooms available. 

FirstYearFirst 2019 conditions

    • You must be aged between 17 and 23
    • You must be about to start your first full-time higher education course
    • Your course begins in September 2019, in Rotterdam 
    • When signing your rental agreement, you need to be able to provide a DUO-certificate or official confirmation of registration for your course

    Which properties are available via First YearFirst?

    A number of properties have been selected for inclusion in FirstYearFirst 2019. It is also possible that other properties will be added during the period the programme is live.

    When can I register and apply?

    You can register for FirstYearFirst 2019 between 15th  May and 1st September 2019. Rooms will be offered from 1st July to mid-October 2019, although the programme will end sooner if all the available rooms have been allocated.