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Stadswonen Rotterdam is the largest, and a dependable housing association for students and young people in Rotterdam.

Would you like to move into your own room in the near future - or straight away for that matter? In that case, don’t wait and register with Stadswonen today. As soon as you’ve registered, you will start building up your registration period (inschrijfduur). And the longer you are registered with Stadswonen, the better your chances of quickly finding a room, studio or flat. Some units are allocated on the basis of a ballot by the building’s existing residents. But those that aren’t, are allocated to the candidate with the longest-standing registration. You can register with us as early as 17, so don’t wait too long! When it comes to eligibility for particular housing types, certain age limits apply:

  • Rooms: maximum age is 27;
  • Studios and flats in student and youth housing complexes: maximum age is 30;
  • Studios and flats intended for young professionals/recent graduates: minimum age is 23 and maximum age is 35.

The registration fee is EUR 25. This is a one-time charge. As soon as you sign the rental agreement for your unit, your existing registration expires. Do you plan to move to a different accommodation offered by Stadswonen Rotterdam eventually? No problem. This is called a ‘housing career’ in the Dutch housing sector. To this end, re-register as quickly as possible via Stadswonen Portal for a fee of EUR 15. After re-registering, you will start building up a new registration period, and in due time, you will once again be able to apply for suitable rooms and other units.

Stadswonen Rotterdam charges a one-time fee of EUR 25 for your registration. Existing tenants who want to re-register pay a one-off charge of EUR 15. As soon as we’ve received your registration fee and rounded off your registration, you will be able to respond to units that you are interested in and qualify for.

Can’t wait to start responding to what’s on offer? The quickest way to pay your registration fee is via Ideal, credit card or PayPal. If you pay your fee via a pre-authorised payment or direct debit, it may take up to a week before your payment has been processed and you can log in and post responses.

As the largest student and youth housing corporation, Stadswonen Rotterdam offers five distinct accommodation types:


When you rent a room, you generally share your kitchen, bathroom and toilet with one or more housemates. Some rooms come with their own bathroom and toilet.


A single room - all to yourself. The unit includes its own kitchen, bathroom and toilet.


A two- or three-room apartment for you, and possibly your partner.

Combined living and working space

Live and work in the same building.

Short Stay accommodation

Fully furnished studios and flats that are rented out temporarily for a maximum term of 1 year.

Our different units may vary in terms of furnishing, and can be divided according to their furnishing level.

Semi-furnished units

These accommodations are furnished with carpeting and curtains.

Semi-furnished units with standard kitchen appliances

These accommodations are furnished with carpeting, curtains, a refrigerator and a hot plate.

Bare units

These accommodations still need to be furnished.

Fully furnished units

These accommodations are furnished with carpeting, curtains, standard kitchen appliances and inventory and standard furniture.

Which accomodation is suitable for me?

Our homes are spread over a great number of residential buildings in Rotterdam. Every building is meant for a specific target group or target groups. When you search our listings you can easily specify your situation, so only the homes that you qualify for will be shown.

Stadswonen Rotterdam uses the following target groups:

  • Student MBO - intermediate vocational education.
  • Student HBO - university of applied science in Rotterdam.
  • Student HBO - university of applied science outside Rotterdam.
  • Student WO - research university in Rotterdam.
  • Student WO - research university outside Rotterdam.
  • Working/other - no minimum income, maximum gross income of € 34,229.-.*
  • Working/other - 23 years old or older and a gross income of at least € 23,000.- and at most of € 34,229.-.*

*Figures as set for 2016.

You start building up your registration period (inschrijfduur) from the moment we receive your EUR 25 registration fee and process your registration. The longer you have been registered, the better your chances of finding the right housing unit with your inschrijfduur.

This registration period is particularly relevant when the room, flat or studio you are interested in is allocated by Stadswonen Rotterdam. In this situation, the unit is automatically assigned to the candidate with the longest registration period– provided he or she satisfies all the other requirements.

Existing tenants who plan to move to a different Stadswonen accommodation at some point in the future are advised to re-register for a one-off fee of EUR 15. Existing Stadswonen tenants build up their registration period at twice the rate of first-time applicants. In other words, be sure to re-register as soon as possible!