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Stadswonen Rotterdam is dedicated to meeting students’ needs. And with more than 6,500 rooms and studios around the city, we really are your best port of call when it comes to accommodation in Rotterdam!

Register as soon as possible to start building up waiting time. The longer you’ve been registered, the higher you’ll be on the list when an accommodation becomes available. Getting to the top of the list typically takes 6 to 15 months, depending on supply and demand for your preferred choices. To register, submit the completed registration form together with payment of a one-off €25 fee. We will not charge you for agency services or ask for a deposit. 

Are you already studying or planning to start a course and need a place to live in Rotterdam? Then register as soon as possible. We allocate vacant rooms and studios to applicants who’ve accumulated the longest waiting times. This is also relevant to accommodations where selection is made via tenants’ interview. In these cases, details of the fifteen applicants with the longest waiting times are forwarded to the existing tenants for consideration.

You can register with us from your 17th birthday. The sooner you get on our list, the sooner you’ll start building up waiting time, which will help you get a room or studio faster when you need it.

You can register with Stadswonen Rotterdam if you’re aged between 17 and 27 and taking, or planning to take, an MBO, HBO or WO course at a college in Rotterdam.

Are you in genuinely urgent need of a room? In certain circumstances, you can request a declaration of urgency which fast-tracks your allocation. Read more about declaration of urgency conditions and how to apply.