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Looking for accomodation

Are you looking for a rental in Rotterdam? A nice unfurnished room, studio or flat in or around the city centre?

Then register with Stadswonen Rotterdam today! Browse our current offer of unfurnished living space to check out units that you might be interested in and that you qualify for. And once you’ve found a nice option, make sure you’re logged in, so you can respond to the advert. Looking for furnished place? We also offer Short stay accommodation.

Are you looking for a short stay in a furnished living space? Then you are looking for a place to stay in our City apartments in the residential building Cité. All information on our short stay accommodation is set up in a special short stay section.

Short Stay Accommodation in Rotterdam

People often ask us ‘How quickly will I be able to move into a place?’ Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question. How quickly you find a place of your own depends on a number of factors, including:

How actively you are looking for accommodation

Keep a close eye on what’s currently on offer via Stadswonen’s website and respond to any room or other unit that you are seriously interested in and that you qualify for.

Which requirements you set

The more critical you are, the longer it may take to find your ideal place. Incidentally, in the months during and around the summer holidays the demand for accommodation is considerably stronger than the remainder of the year.

How popular the building you are interested in is

Residential buildings in districts like Kralingen and City Centre are often more in demand than complexes in lesser-known areas.

The kind of housing you are looking for

You tend to score a room a lot quicker than a studio or a flat.

Your registration period

The longer you’ve been registered with Stadswonen, the quicker you become eligible for renting rooms that aren’t allocated by the other residents in the building, studios and apartments. In other words, don’t forget to register as soon as possible so that you can start building up your registration period.

How the unit in question is allocated

Have the current residents of a specific building decided to select their new housemate by ballot? This will affect how quickly you can find accommodation. If you and the residents hit it off, you probably have better chances of getting selected. However, you don’t always have that click, in which case your search will take a bit longer. In cases where Stadswonen allocates the accommodation, the accommodation is allotted to the candidate with the longest registration period.

Possible urgent status

If you have been assigned an urgent status, you get preferential treatment in the allocation of accommodation. You may only apply for an [urgent status] if you satisfy certain criteria.

In some situations, it is possible to apply for an urgent status for a room in Rotterdam. This gives you priority in the allocation of a rental unit. You can apply for an urgent status if you are registered with Stadswonen Rotterdam, are currently or will be studying in Rotterdam and when one of the following situations applies:

Long travel times

  • Your door-to-door travel time (from your current residence to your educational institution in Rotterdam) is over two hours. Stadswonen Rotterdam will use the public transport website to check your stated travel time.
  • If you come from abroad, we will require you to prove that your parents do not live in the Netherlands.
  • You have registered with Stadswonen Rotterdam, and your registration period is at least six months.

Violence or threats to your person

  • You are unable to continue living in your present residence because you are being subjected to serious psychological or physical violence, or threats to this end. You can substantiate this claim with an official police statement.
  • You have registered with Stadswonen Rotterdam.

Medical reasons (only in the case of internal moves)

  • You have developed a medical complaint after moving into one of our residential buildings and can prove that this complaint developed after your move and relates to your accommodation. Where required, your claim will be assessed by a medical consultant. In the latter case, the consultant will present his or her advice to the urgency commission.
  • You have registered with Stadswonen Rotterdam.

Centralised or decentralised admissions policy

  • You can prove at the start of the academic year that you will be attending a degree programme that has adopted a centralised admissions policy (by means of a lottery). You will be attending this programme at a university of applied sciences or research university in Rotterdam.
  • Your door-to-door travel time (from your current residence to your educational institution in Rotterdam) is over two hours. Stadswonen Rotterdam will use the public transport website to check your stated travel time.
  • You have registered with Stadswonen Rotterdam.

If you are in one of the aforementioned situations, you may apply in writing for an urgent status by submitting the application form. If you are awarded urgent status, you will receive a single offer for a rental unit. This offer will not take any personal preferences on your part into account. If you choose to decline this offer, your urgent status is automatically revoked.

The fee for processing an application for an urgent status is EUR 25.  Your application needs to be paid in full by iDeal before it is considered complete and taken into consideration.