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Find your housing in Rotterdam

You're looking for the perfect student stay in Rotterdam, but you're not sure how to go about it? Read on to discover how to arrange your very own room, studio or apartment in Rotterdam.

We let rooms, studio's and appartments to students aged between 17 and 27 who take an MBO, HBO or WO course at a college in Rotterdam. Offers to let, will be let to those candidates that are registered with us for the longest periode. Register now.



You can register online. There is a one-time administraiton fee of Euro 25. The sooner you register, the sooner you start building up waiting time, which will help you get a room or studio faster when you need one.

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Check: arrange your paperwork

Make sure you arranged all your paperwork as when you find your dream place, you are ready to sign once you prove that you're a student (to be).

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Looking for accomodation

We have a wide range of rooms and studio's in Rotterdam. You can respond to those that match your personal profile.

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Responding plus allocation

Got a room or studio in your sights? Then it's time to sprint into acion. Find out how to apply and how we allocate accomodations.

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Meeting the residents plus viewing

Submitted your application – what happens now? What can you expect after applying for a room, studio or apartment? Read all about it.

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Signing the tenancy agreement

Are you willing to rent the specific space? Next step is to sign your tenancy agreement.

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Moving house

Of course you'd like to move into your new spot immediately. You can move in on the first effective date of the tenancy agreement.

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This is how it works

Looking for student housing in Rotterdam? Here’s how it works!

First-year student?

Planning to go to college in Rotterdam? Check all the information you need as a first-year student.

Stadswonen Rotterdam

  • Student rooms starting at EUR 325
  • Largest selection in Rotterdam
  • Housing allowance possible
  • No deposit to pay