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Self service

Arrange yourself online

At Stadswonen Rotterdam, you can handle a lot of common tenancy issues and requests online – whether you want to get something repaired, give notice for your present unit, or ask permission to sublet your place.

Simply log in to Stadswonen Portal. In the sections below, we will explain how to arrange specific matters online.

To change your telephone number and e-mail address, simply log in to Stadswonen Portal and edit the relevant fields.

You can quickly submit a request for repairs via Stadswonen Portal or the Repair app (in dutch).

Your rent needs to be transferred to our account before the first day of the upcoming month. Our standard arrangement for rent payments is direct debit (automatische incasso). If you are not paying via direct debit (automatische incasso) and would like to, you can fill in the direct debit authorisation form.

To find an up-to-date overview of your past payments and outstanding rent, visit Stadswonen Portal.

If you usually pay your rent via acceptgiro (a transfer authorisation slip with a 16-digit payment reference), you can pay via Stadswonen Portal  by means of an authorised transaction (eenmalige machtiging), iDEAL (a Dutch online payment system) or credit card.

In some cases you are allowed to sublet your unit or room for a specific period. To do so, you need to apply to Stadswonen Rotterdam for permission via the relevant form in Stadswonen Portal.

Giving notice for your tenancy agreement is easy via Stadswonen Portal. When giving notice, be sure to take account of the notice period, the overlap between the terms of your old and new tenancy agreements, the costs of rent and possible additional charges.

Is one of your neighbours or housemates causing a nuisance and have you completed all the steps? You can report this nuisance online via the relevant form via Stadswonen Portal.

Have you come across defects after moving into your new home? Then you can report them via Stadswonen Portal.