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Residents' committee

Carefree living with a residents’ committee

All of Stadswonen Rotterdam’s large residential buildings have their own residents’ committee. This is here for you, the tenant, to help you enjoy a pleasant and carefree environment for living and study.

A residents’ committee consists of four to ten people who are resident in the building, who represent it and all those who live in it. They look after all their co-tenants’ interests and ensure that agreements between them and Stadswonen Rotterdam are adhered to.

The benefits to you as a tenant

The residents’ committee ensures you have a safe place to park your bike, lays on great parties and provides you with a single point of contact for any questions or complaints.

Clean and safe living environment 
The residents' committee ensures repairs are dealt with and the communal areas are kept clean. They also undertake fire safety training every year. So you get to live in a clean, fully functional and safe building.

A pleasant atmosphere
The residents’ committee is also there to facilitate a good social environment. Bringing residents into contact with each other through organising drinks and other events which create a neighbourly spirit. A helping hand for making valuable new friends.   

Opportunity to influence
If a property’s residents want something to be improved, the residents’ committee can lead the execution. For example, when it’s time to get new washing machines or the bicycle storage facility needs maintenance.  

A single point of contact
If you have any questions or complaints about your building and life within it, the residents’ committee is there as a handy single point of contact. The committees in most of our buildings hold regular consultation sessions when social complaints, repair requests and other questions can be addressed.


What the manager does

The chairperson of the residents’ committee manages the building and, in many cases, acts as the link between tenant and rental company. This manager is the point of contact for the property, so if there is anything in your building you’re not happy with or you have questions about, just get in touch with them. This management role is always undertaken by someone who is, themselves, resident in one of our buildings . Which is ideal, because he or she understands exactly what it’s all about and what is necessary to make everything good. 


Residents’ committee tasks and responsibilities

The residents’ committee is active in four areas and is responsible for:

  • Nominating new tenants.
  • Discussing service costs and allocating funds.
  • Holding consultation sessions for questions and complaints.
  • Monitoring and maintaining a good environment for living and study. i.e. keeping the building clean, functional and safe.

Residents’ committee meetings

The residents' committee regularly meets with its own members, building residents and Stadswonen Rotterdam.

The residents 'committee organises open meetings with residents in which matters relating to the living and social environment are discussed. The committee’s own members meet regularly among themselves and also attend monthly pizza evenings with Stadswonen Rotterdam, during which they are brought up to date with our latest news and developments.


Arien about his residents’ committee

Kathera about her role as manager