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Renting or buying a home in Rotterdam

Renting or buying a home in Rotterdam when you’re over 27

As a provider of student housing, our focus is on those studying in Rotterdam. But we do also want to help you find a suitable home after finishing your education. Up till the age of 27, you can move to Stadwonen Rotterdam’s apartments. Are you older than 27? Here are some other ways to find a place to live in Rotterdam:

Woonnet Rijnmond shows everything that’s available via all the housing associations in the Rijnmond region. These are mainly rental properties exclusively for those on low incomes. Like Stadswonen Rotterdam, Woonnet Rijnmond also operates a waiting time system. So the sooner you register, the sooner you’ll start to accumulate this and climb your way to the top of the list. Registration costs €10 per year. Conditions are published on the Woonnet Rijnmond website.


Woonstad Rotterdam offers a wide choice of starter homes and apartments in the private sector from €721 per month. All immediately available! You are also not tied to a minimum contract duration and can therefore leave whenever you want. Which is really useful when you’re not completely sure about your long-term plans. Woonstad Rotterdam does not charge renters any registration or agency fees.


Woonstad Rotterdam also offers homes to purchase all over Rotterdam. Stadswonen Rotterdam tenants can be given priority when purchasing Woonstad Rotterdam properties. This is conditional on you vacating your current accommodation and having sufficient income to pay the mortgage on the purchase price. 


There are a number of websites you can use to find a home to rent or buy in Rotterdam, such as, and