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Moving to a different room, studio or apartment

Easily move to another home

Would you like more space, a bit more privacy, or just fancy living somewhere else in Rotterdam? At Stadswonen Rotterdam you can move to a different accommodation.

Moving while still studying
If you’re already renting from us, you can move to another room, studio or apartment for students as long as you’re still studying. We allocate these prioritised by length of time already renting from us (x2) (existing tenants) and by waiting time (non-tenants).

An example
>A tenant has been renting from us since 1 January 2017. On 1 January 2019, the duration of their tenancy is 2 years. But we double this, bringing the total to 4 years
>A non-tenant registered with us on 1 January 2017. On 1 January 2019 their waiting time is 2 years.

We therefore allocate the accommodation to the existing tenant, because their length of residence, when doubled, is longer than the non-tenant’s waiting time.

Moving after finishing your studies
If you are already renting from us and are going to work after finishing your education, you can apply for our apartments for young workers (post-study housing). We rent these to existing tenants aged between 23 and 27, who have income from work. You will get a limited-term contract for a maximum of five years. We assign available apartments to tenants with the longest period of residence. See below for how it works. Are you older than 27? Then there are other ways to find accommodation in Rotterdam.

Moving in together
Co-habitation is allowed in most of our post-study housing, as long as: 

  • At least 1 of the tenants is already renting from us;
  • At least 1 of our student accommodations is vacated as a result of moving in together;
  • Your joint income is sufficient to satisfy the requirements described in the advertisement. If one of you are still in education, that’s no problem.

Find out more in our Co-habitation FAQs.

Switching accommodations after finishing your studies. How it works.

As an existing Stadswonen tenant, you already know how things work with us, such as signing your lease, viewing accommodations and what to expect when moving in. But moving on after you’ve finished studying can be a little different, as explained below.

The advertisements overview shows which accommodations are available to tenants who (are going to) work. Use the ‘target group’ filter to select only these. Be sure to first check that you’re eligible. The conditions are included in each advertisement.


We allocate homes based on total tenancy time with us. Whether or not you’re invited for a viewing therefore depends on how long you have been renting from us.


As a housing association, we are obliged to offer 95% of our homes to people on a low income. This means we check your earnings don’t exceed the limit before offering you a home.

You can prove your income in any of the three following ways:

  • Download your Income Statement from the Tax Office and send this to us. 
  • Forward us the download of your finalised income tax assessment.
  • Show us three recent pay slips.

When renting accommodation after finishing your studies, you’ll be given a limited-term contract for a maximum of five years. We issue limited contracts so that accommodation can be freed up for eligible new tenants when needed.