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Moving to a different room, studio or apartment

Easily move to another home

Would you like more space, a bit more privacy, or just fancy living somewhere else in Rotterdam? At Stadswonen Rotterdam you can move to a different accommodation.

Moving while still studying
If you’re already renting from us, you can move to another room, studio or apartment for students as long as you’re still studying. We allocate these prioritised by length of time already renting from us (x2) (existing tenants) and by waiting time (non-tenants).

An example
>A tenant has been renting from us since 1 January 2017. On 1 January 2019, the duration of their tenancy is 2 years. But we double this, bringing the total to 4 years
>A non-tenant registered with us on 1 January 2017. On 1 January 2019 their waiting time is 2 years.

We therefore allocate the accommodation to the existing tenant, because their length of residence, when doubled, is longer than the non-tenant’s waiting time.

Moving after finishing your studies
If you are already renting from us and are going to work after finishing your education, you can apply for our apartments for young workers. We rent these to existing tenants aged between 23 and 27, who have income from work. You will get a limited-term contract for a maximum of five years. We assign available apartments to tenants with the longest period of residence. See below for how it works. Are you older than 27? Then there are other ways to find accommodation in Rotterdam.

Moving after finishing your studies. How it works.

The advertisements overview shows which accommodations are available to tenants who (are going to) work. Use the ‘target group’ filter to select only these.


Apply for the apartment you want by responding to the relevant advertisement in the Stadswonen Portal. Be sure to first check that you’re eligible. The conditions are included in each advertisement. After the advertisement’s closing date, you can follow the status of your application in the Stadswonen Portal. We allocate homes based on total tenancy time with us. Whether or not you’re invited for a viewing therefore depends on how long you have been renting from us.


Before making your final decision, you’ll probably want to check out the accommodation, the building it’s in and the neighbourhood. That is, of course, possible.

Viewing vacant accommodations

If the previous occupant has already vacated the accommodation, you can pick up the key from the Stadswonen Rotterdam head office. You’ll need to show ID and pay a €20 deposit. Return the key to us straight after the viewing.

Viewing occupied accommodations

If the current tenant hasn’t yet moved out, we will put you in touch with each other so you can arrange the viewing yourselves. In some cases, the manager of the residential building will act as intermediary.

Keeping furniture

Our rooms and studios are provided unfurnished. If you would like the outgoing tenant to leave (some of) their furniture behind, so you don’t have to obtain it from elsewhere, you should discuss this between yourselves. If you reach agreement, you both need to complete a declaration of transfer of ownership for the items concerned. This needs to be done before the departing tenant’s final inspection.

When allocating our accommodations, we also take your income into consideration. This is in addition to the applicable age limits. As a housing association, we are obliged to offer 95% of our homes to people on a low income*. This means we check your earnings don’t exceed the limit before offering you a home.

You can prove your income in any of the three following ways:

  • Download your Income Statement from the Tax Office and send this to us. 
  • Forward us the download of your finalised income tax assessment.
  • Show us three recent pay slips.

*Stadswonen Rotterdam is only allowed to provide accommodation with a monthly rent up to €710.68 (2018 price base) to tenants with a gross annual income up to €22,400 (one person household) or €36,798 (two-person household). These figures relate to income that is taxable by the Dutch Tax Office


When renting accommodation after finishing your studies, you’ll be given a limited-term contract for a maximum of five years. We issue limited contracts so that accommodation can be freed up for eligible new tenants when needed.

Signing the contract

We’ll invite you to come to our office to sign the contract. In advance of this, you’ll receive an email asking you to provide us with the required documents digitally. If this is all done successfully, then you’ll only need to bring your bank card and ID to our office when signing.

What are you agreeing to?

With the signing of the tenancy agreement, you (as the tenant) and we (as the landlord) acquire a number of rights and obligations to each other. In addition to confirming that you accept the rental price and the condition of the accommodation, your signature also states your acceptance of the Rental Terms & Conditions and, if applicable, the Management Regulations. You can obtain copies of these from our downloads page.

Tenancy agreement costs 

Stadswonen Rotterdam does not charge any agency fees or ask for deposits. Upon signing the tenancy agreement, you have to pay the first month's rent and the costs for the contract. That is €25 or €30 (depending on the type of building and whether we provide the nameplate or not).

Changing your mind

If you accept an accommodation but then change your mind, you must inform us within three days of receiving the notification of your appointment for signing the contract. We will not charge you any costs if you notify us within this time-frame. If more than three working days lapse before you inform us, we will charge you a €100 cancellation fee for administrative work and the increased chance of the accommodation remaining unoccupied longer than necessary.

Please avoid this situation by thinking carefully when searching for a place to live, submitting your application, viewing and, ultimately, accepting the accommodation.


If you move to a different Stadswonen Rotterdam accommodation after finishing your studies, your notice period for terminating the contract is just two weeks. This is two weeks less than the usual notice period.



When and where you collect your keys differs per type of key and residential building. There are two types of keys:

  • Metal key. You can collect this from our office or from the building’s manager on the date your tenancy begins. We’ll make the arrangements during the signing of the contract.
  • Tag. A tag will be pre-programmed to work from your tenancy agreement’s start date. You will receive the tag when signing the contract.

You’ll receive two identical keys. If you are going to be sharing the accommodation with your partner, you’ll be given three of these. You’ll also need a key for your mailbox. How you get this differs per building. In most cases, it will be left inside your accommodation.

Requesting extra keys

You can order additional keys for €19.50 per key. These can be requested from us by telephone or email. If we already have it/them in stock, your key(s) will be ready for you to collect from our office within one working day. You’ll need to show valid ID. 

You can also authorise someone else to pick up your key(s) for you. They will need to show:

  • signed, written authorisation from you, including the date of the signature and the name of the person you have authorised;
  • a copy of your ID;
  • their own ID.