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New tenant

Checklist for new tenants

Welcome, great that you’ve decided to rent a room, studio or flat from Stadswonen Rotterdam.

As a new tenant, there’s lots of stuff you have to take account of. Use our checklist to see whether you’ve thought of everything.

Renting from Stadswonen Rotterdam has a lot of advantages. One of them is that in almost all our buildings, your gas, water and electricity bills are covered by your service charges. In other words, you generally don’t have to arrange these utilities yourself. A few of our residential buildings are an exception to this rule, and if yours is one of them, this is always clearly indicated in the itemisation of your service charges in your tenancy agreement.

Of course, you don’t want to go off the grid when you move into your new place. That’s why you should arrange your internet connection and TV and possibly telephone subscription as early as possible.


Most of our residential buildings are connected to a high-speed fibreglass internet network, which we have named KennisGlas. Check the KennisGlas website (dutch) to see if your building has also been hooked up. This information is also included in the details on each building in our Residential Buildings overview.

Students can go online free of charge via their SURFnet connection. Other users can get paid access to the internet via an Access connection.

It is not possible to get cable internet (CAI) in Stadswonen Rotterdam’s residential buildings. This is due to the fact that the installed cable is unsuited for this purpose.


All Stadswonen Rotterdam units have a working cable outlet for television and radio. The subscription fee for this connection is included in your standard service charges. With us, you watch digital television via provider Ziggo. Read these instruction on how to configure your TV for digital reception.

Telephone connection

The standard Stadswonen Rotterdam tenancy agreement does not include a telephone connection. This means that, if so desired, you are free to apply to KennisGlas or a landline provider (e.g. KPN) for a telephone connection.

Telephone connection via Kennisglas

In units that are connected to the KennisGlas network, tenants can apply for a telephone connection via Kennisglas. Check out (dutch) for further details.

Landline connection

You can also apply to a third-party provider (KPN, for example) for a landline for telephone and/or ADSL services. In most cases this provider will be able to activate the demarcation point for this line (the point where the public network switches to the building’s internal wiring) without having to involve Stadswonen Rotterdam. You can usually find your telephone socket in your living room and/or bedroom. In the case of a room with shared facilities (in which the tenant shares the shower, toilet and/or kitchen with one or more housemates), the telephone socket is often found in the premises’ main corridor or the kitchen.

Stadswonen Rotterdam’s role

In some cases a landline telephone connection cannot be activated without involving Stadswonen Rotterdam. In a number of buildings, the demarcation point for individual telephone lines is integrated in the building’s internal wiring. This means that someone from Stadswonen Rotterdam will have to link your landline to this infrastructure on location. This situation is found at the following buildings:

Before activating a landline connection in one of the aforementioned buildings, you will first need to ask Stadswonen Rotterdam for permission. If you gain permission, this will be confirmed in writing, and this notification will also include specific instructions for both the tenant and the third-party technician installing the connection. Do you live in one of the above buildings and would you like to activate a landline connection in your home? In that case please send your request to via e-mail, stating ‘aanvraag telefoonlijn’ (‘application for a telephone connection’) in the subject field. Please note: you will be charged a call-out fee for the work involved in hooking up your telephone line to the building’s infrastructure.

It is not possible to apply for a landline telephone connection in the following residential buildings:

This is due to the fact that these buildings lack the required exclusive infrastructure for this service between the building’s central switchboard and the individual units. Naturally, tenants can apply for a telephone connection via the KennisGlas network.

In some cases you might want to take over some or all of the furniture and other movables of your unit’s previous occupant. To this end, you can get in touch with the previous occupant. Have the two of you come to an agreement? In that case you can fill in a declaration takeover movable property before the final inspection for the vacating occupant takes place.

A tenancy agreement has legal status. When Stadswonen and a prospective tenant enter into a tenancy agreement, they basically commit to a number of mutual rights and obligations. These rights and obligations are not only listed on the tenancy agreement itself, but also on a number of supplementary documents.

When you sign the tenancy agreement, you also declare yourself in agreement with the General Tenancy Terms and Conditions and (where applicable) the Residential Management Regulations. These documents establish how we are expected to treat one another.

Student tenancy agreement

In a number of residential complexes, the unit is offered on the basis of a student tenancy agreement. This agreement stipulates that you are entitled to rent your unit as long as you are registered as a full-time student at higher professional education (HBO) or academic higher education (WO) in Rotterdam. When you sign the tenancy agreement for such a unit, you automatically agree to move out within six months of ending your studies.

Student tenancy agreements are used in the case of residential complexes that are exclusively reserved for the following target groups:

  • Students enrolled in a higher professional education (HBO) programme in Rotterdam
  • Student enrolled in a academic higher education (WO) programme in Rotterdam

Our overview of residential complexes specifies per building which target group or groups the complex is reserved for and whether residents are required to sign a student tenancy agreement.

Moving out after finishing your studies

The student tenancy agreement stipulates that you are entitled to rent your unit as long as you are registered as a full-time student at higher professional education (HBO) or academic higher education (WO) in Rotterdam. When you sign the tenancy agreement for such a unit, you automatically agree to move out within six months after graduation or cancelling your enrolment as a student.

Enforcement of the student tenancy agreement

When you enter into a student tenancy agreement with Stadswonen Rotterdam, you give Stadswonen permission to check whether you are in fact enrolled as a student. This check can be done in two different ways:

  1. Stadswonen Rotterdam contacts the stated educational institution to confirm that you are indeed (still) studying there.
  2. Stadswonen Rotterdam requires you to prove that you are (still) studying at the stated educational institution.

Are you no longer registered as a student or have you failed to reply to our request for confirmation of your student status? Then we will write you to inform you of the start of your six-month moving period. The idea is for you to find a different unit within this period.

After notifying you of the start of your six-month moving period, Stadswonen Rotterdam will terminate your tenancy agreement as of the first date of the expiration of the six-month moving period. If you do not cooperate with this procedure, we will ask the court to annul your tenancy agreement. Please avoid this situation by looking for a new place to live on time.

My student tenancy agreement has expired – what’s next?

Of course, we’re happy to offer you an alternative. As a Stadswonen tenant, when you finish your studies, you can move to a new unit that is in line with – and often more suited to – your new situation as a recent graduate. We call this your housing career. But once again: be sure to register on time!

In addition, you can also opt for renting a unit via Woonstad Rotterdam. To register, you first need to apply for a housing pass at Woonnet Rijnmond. The sooner you apply for this housing pass, the longer your registration term will be. And the longer your registration term, the greater your chances of getting the unit you’ve applied for.

When and from whom you will be receiving the keys to your new unit depends both on the type of keys and the residential complex you are moving into. There are two types of keys:

  1. Metal keys
    You can pick these keys up at our office or from the residential manager of your residential building on the start date of your tenancy agreement. We will set an appointment for you when you sign the tenancy agreement for your unit.
  2. Smart card
    Smart cards are programmed to start working as of the first date of your tenancy agreement. If you need a smart card for your unit, it will be provided to you when you sign the tenancy agreement.

You will be provided with two identical keys. If you are moving into your new home together with someone else, you will receive a total of three keys. The arrangements for letterbox keys vary from one residential complex to the next. In most cases you will find the letterbox key waiting for you in the unit when you move in.

Ordering extra keys

You have the option of ordering a spare key. The costs of this extra key are EUR 19.50. If you would like an extra key, please phone us. If the key is already in stock, you can pick it up at our office with one business day. Be sure to take along valid proof of identity (your passport or ID card) when you come by to pick up the spare key.

Authorising someone to pick up your spare key

You can also authorise someone else to collect you extra key at our office. This authorised representative needs to bring along the following items:

  • A signed authorisation form with your signature as well as the date of signing and the full name of the authorised representative;
  • A photocopy of your passport or ID card;
  • A photocopy of the representative’s own passport or ID card.

I lost my key or locked myself out

Did you lose your key or lock yourself out? Here’s how to solve this situation.

  • Contact us by phone during office hours to request if a spare key is direct available. Then drop by our office during office hours. A copy of your key will cost you EUR 19.50.
    Did you get locked out after office hours?
  • In that case you will have to call our emergency number. We will send over a locksmith to open your door for you. Please note: the charges for a locksmith’s services are around EUR 150, and these costs will be passed on to you.

Stadswonen Rotterdam will ensure that your new unit is in proper condition before you move in. The unit’s condition at the start of your tenancy is recorded with the aid of an inspection form. A copy of this form can be found in the unit. Have you come across issues that weren’t recorded on the inspection form? In that case, report these issues via Stadswonen Portal within seven calendar days of the start date of your tenancy agreement. We will subsequently set an appointment. Someone will come over to inspect the reported issues, after which we will inform you of our conclusion. Where required, we will send over technical staff to repair or resolve the reported issues.

If you don’t submit a list within this seven-day term, it will be assumed you have accepted the unit in proper condition.

In accordance with the Wet Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie (Municipal Population Register Act, GBA), you are required to register with the Municipality of Rotterdam within five days of the start date of your tenancy agreement.

To this end, you will need a Lessor’s Statement, which you will be provided with by Stadswonen Rotterdam.

Visit the municipal website for further information on registering with the Municipality of Rotterdam.

Of course you’ll want to decorate your room, studio or flat according to your own preferences. Paint your wall in a nicer colour or put up different curtains. You’re free to make changes of this kind – as long as when you move out, you leave the unit in the same state you received it in (including the original floor covering and curtains).

Would you like to make more radical changes, or are you considering installing new facilities in your unit? In that case you’ll need to apply for permission via Stadswonen Portal. When you apply for permission, you will receive one of the following responses:

  1. You are allowed to make the change. This alteration does not have to be reverted when you move out.
  2. You are allowed to make the change, provided you restore the unit to its original condition when you move out.
  3. You are not allowed to make the change.

The possible maintenance and repair of any facilities you install yourself are your responsibility.

Stadswonen Rotterdam has taken out building insurance for all its residential properties, which also covers damages to any inventory belonging to the individual units. To complement this general coverage, we recommend that you – at any rate – take out the following insurance:

  • Contents insurance (inboedelverzekering in Dutch)
    Be sure to take out adequate contents insurance that also covers the damages of a possible break-in. People tend to have more valuable possessions than they assume.
  • Third-party liability insurance (aansprakelijkheidsverzekering)
  • Glass insurance (glasverzekering)

Most rooms operated by Stadswonen Rotterdam have been ‘allocated’ a housing allowance (huurtoeslag) by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. If the Tax and Customs Administration requires you to prove this, you can apply to Stadswonen Rotterdam for a copy of this allocation by sending an e-mail to Whether you personally qualify for housing allowance depends on the basic rent amount, your age and your financial situation. To become eligible for a housing allowance, you furthermore need to be registered with the Municipality.

You can apply for housing allowance at the Tax and Customs Administration.

Housing allowance for studios and flats

Whether you personally qualify for housing allowance depends on the basic rent amount, your age and your financial situation. To check whether you are eligible and possibly apply for a housing allowance, visit the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

Applying for a housing allowance

You can apply for housing allowance from the Tax and Customs Administration. To complete this application, you will need to fill in various details about your housing costs. The most up-to-date survey of your personal housing costs can be found at Stadswonen Portal. The following components in your service charges are relevant to your application: lighting and electricity in your building’s communal areas, cleaning of the communal areas and resident contributions for management costs.