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Moving house

Moving house

Will you be moving to a different unit, or moving to housing that is not operated by Stadswonen Rotterdam? In that case, simply notify us via Stadswonen Portal.

To give notice for your tenancy agreement, log in at Stadswonen Portal. When giving notice, be sure to take careful account of the notice period, the overlap between the terms of your old and new tenancy agreements, the costs of rent and possible additional charges.

Notice period for your tenancy contract

The notice period for the tenancy agreement is one month, regardless of which day of the month you give notice. If the end date for your agreement falls on the weekend or a public holiday, the very next regular week day is taken to be your end date.

You are renting via your employer or educational institution

If you are renting the unit via your employer or educational institution, the notice period may be subject to different agreements. If you are not sure which agreements apply, please contact Stadswonen.

Cancelling your notice

Did you recently give notice for your tenancy agreement, but have you changed your mind? In that case, you will have to pay a EUR 100 charge for administrative costs. To avoid this, please carefully consider what you will be doing before terminating your tenancy agreement.

According to the General Tenancy Terms and Conditions, departing tenants are required to empty out the unit when they vacate it. There are three exceptions to this rule:

  • In some cases we provided the unit with furniture and/or other items. Naturally, these items are included with the unit in question and should be left behind.
  • Movable property that has been sold on to the new tenant. When you leave, you can offer to sell personal belongings such as your bed, wardrobe and sofa to the tenant who will be moving in. In that case please jointly complete the declaration takeover movable property before the date of the final inspection.
  • Movables that have been sold on to your current housemate or housemates. This may apply when you’re vacating a room. It is specifically relevant to movables set up in communal areas.

At the end of a tenancy period, we will conduct two inspections during the termination month. Be sure to carefully prepare for this inspection by reading the transfer requirements.

Preliminary inspection of the unit
The preliminary inspection will be carried out about two weeks before the termination date. You will be held liable for any defects. You can repair any damages yourself until the termination date of your tenancy. Are you renting a room? In that case we will also check all the complex’s communal areas. 

Final inspection of the unit
The final inspection of your unit is always scheduled on the expiration date of your tenancy agreement. On this occasion we will visit the unit with you one last time for a final check. We will check whether you have adequately repaired and resolved all issues flagged during the preliminary inspection. Any issues where this is not the case will be resolved by us at your expense. Make sure to avoid the high costs that this entails by resolving the recorded issues yourself in a timely and correct manner.

    You will be sent a final bill in the case of unpaid rental charges or repairs to the vacated unit by order of us. In these cases you will be sent a final bill within one month of the expiration date of your rental agreement. This final bill incorporates any unpaid rental charges and possible costs of repairs to your unit.

    The rent for your unit includes service charges. A large share of these charges are advances that are settled with the actual costs at the end of each calendar year. If actual costs are lower than the advances you have paid, the difference will be returned to you. And if actual costs exceed the total of paid advances, you will be required to make up the difference. You will receive the settlement of your service charges no later than six months after the end of the calendar year. We refer you to the PDF about service charges for a more detailed explanation.

    During the final inspection, you will be required to hand in all keys belonging to the vacated unit. This includes any possible spare or replacement keys that you have ordered from Stadswonen during your tenancy. If we do not receive the full set of keys, we will be required to change the locks to your unit. The costs of this measure, which are quite considerable, will be passed on to you.

    Moving house isn’t something you do every day. So you’ve given notice, packed up and made sure your unit is left behind in a proper state – but what else do you need to think of before loading up?

    • Be sure to notify everyone of your change of address on time.
    • Arrange for the new tenant and/or your former housemates to hold on to any post that still comes in after your move. Or, even better: get them to forward it to your new address.
    • Don’t forget to register your new address with the Municipality within five days of moving.
    • Do you receive a housing allowance? In that case you’ll need to inform the Tax and Customs Administration of your change of address.
    • Do you have other contracts with Stadswonen Rotterdam – for a parking space and/or storage space, for example? In that case you’ll probably want to give notice or change your address for these agreements too.
    • Make sure to cancel or change the addresses of all your subscriptions (newspaper, ISP, telephone and the like).
    • Don’t throw or dump any bulky waste, rubble or chemical waste in or next to the curb-side waste containers. You can dispose of your bulky waste at the civic amenity site free of charge. Are you unable to transport the bulky waste yourself, or think it’s too much of a hassle? In that case you can call municipal waste collector Roteb and arrange for them to pick it up.