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In and around your unit

In and around your unit

While you enjoy living in your room, studio or flat, you can’t avoid something breaking every now and then. At that point, it’s good to know exactly who’s responsible for the repairs – and who will be footing the bill.

Television and internet
Of course decent television and internet connections are more or less indispensable in a contemporary home. At Stadswonen Rotterdam, this has been arranged slightly differently than what you might expect. So be sure to read the information we have provided on this matter.

Decorating and alterations
As a tenant you’re allowed to decorate your unit according to your preferences. However, if you’re planning to do a major overhaul or add extra facilities, you need to apply for permission in advance. And of course you will have to dispose of any building waste this might produce. We will explain the right way to do this further on.

Parking your car
Although public transport in Rotterdam is very good, you might have your own car too. And of course you’ll want to park it as close to your home as possible. The parking options for our residential building differ from one location to the next. We’ve set out the different options below.

Stadswonen Rotterdam takes good care of its properties, and we hope that you’ll do the same. When it comes to the maintenance of our residential buildings and units, we draw a distinction between everyday and scheduled maintenance. Since we work with a management structure at Stadswonen Rotterdam, the assigned roles and responsibilities may vary from one building to the next. We have recorded the different agreements made in this context in our maintenance guides. If you are not sure whether your residential building works with a management structure or not, you can check the building information on our Residential Buildings page.

Stadswonen Rotterdam’s role

Stadswonen Rotterdam bears responsibility for the general technical condition of the units and the residential buildings. This means that all maintenance work associated with this responsibility is paid by the landlord, Stadswonen Rotterdam. To guarantee the proper upkeep of the buildings and units, we have adopted a 25-year maintenance plan. This ensures that all necessary preventative maintenance can be executed in a timely manner.

Your role as a tenant

As a tenant, you are required to keep your private unit and any communal areas you make use of in good order. According to legislation, the tenant is responsible for all minor and/or everyday maintenance in his or her unit. Further information on these matters can be found in Besluit kleine herstellingen (Decree on Minor Repairs Decree, link to external page), relating to Article 7:240 of the Dutch Civil Code.

Any maintenance or repair work that becomes necessary due to negligence, lack of hygiene, vandalism or incorrect use on your part or that of your guests will be executed at your expense.

Minor Repairs Fund for buildings within the management structure

In buildings and units that are managed on the basis of a management structure, most minor and/or everyday repairs have been ‘settled in advance’ via periodic payments to a Minor Repairs Fund (Kleine Herstellingenfonds). Since most units are occupied for a relatively short term before the tenant in question moves on, it would be unreasonable to expect him or her to bear the full cost of maintenance for objects and facilities that have already been used by preceding tenants for a lengthy period of time. These expenses are therefore spread across a longer period by settling them within a Minor Repairs Fund. In residential buildings with 30 or more units, this Fund is managed by the residents’ committee. The committee is authorised to execute or order the execution of minor maintenance work on the tenants’ behalf. In addition, a variety of simple and other repairs can also be handled by the building’s in-house technical committee. The latter arrangement can save a substantial amount in hourly wages and call-out fees otherwise paid to third parties. In the case of smaller buildings, with 29 or fewer units, Stadswonen Rotterdam is responsible for managing the Minor Repairs Fund and executing the associated repairs.

Servicing Fund

There are a number of maintenance jobs that, according to law, are the tenant’s responsibility, but that the tenant is unable or not allowed to execute for whatever reason. Examples include the unclogging of drains and rain pipes and 24/7 call-out servicing for lifts or central heating systems. These kinds of activities are paid from the Servicing Fund. This fund is managed by Stadswonen Rotterdam.

’Furnishings for Communal Areas’ Fund

Stadswonen Rotterdam also manages the ‘Furnishings for Communal Areas’ Fund. This fund is used to cover the costs of minor repairs and the maintenance and replacement of inventory found in the building’s communal areas. As a rule, the standard inventory provided by Stadswonen Rotterdam consists of floor covering, curtains, a hotplate with four heating elements (either gas or electric) and a small, free-standing refrigerator. In some cases we have supplied a different inventory; which inventory has been supplied exactly in your building or units has been itemised in your tenancy agreement.


The Cleaning budget is reserved for the cost of cleaning communal areas in the building, such as the entrance area, corridors, staircases, lifts and halls. Additional, incidental cleaning costs in the residential building are also covered by this budget.

Occasionally, something may have to be fixed in your unit or one of your building’s communal areas. You can refer to the Maintenance Guide to determine who will be required to pay for the costs of repair or replacement. You are not required to submit a request for repairs if you can do the repair work yourself and if they are for your account. For all other repairs, simply submit your request via Stadswonen Portal or the Repairs app (dutch site).

For urgent repair work (a leaking gas or water pipe, storm damage, etc) you can also reach us outside office hours on +31 (0)10 245 67 00.

Of course you’ll want to decorate your room, studio or flat according to your own preferences. Paint your wall in a nicer colour or put up different curtains. You’re free to make changes of this kind – as long as when you move out, you leave the unit in the same state you received it in (including the original floor covering and curtains).

Would you like to make more radical changes, or are you considering installing new facilities in your unit? In that case you’ll need to apply for permission via Stadswonen Portal. When you apply for permission, you will receive one of the following responses:

  1. You are allowed to make the change. This alteration does not have to be reverted when you move out.
  2. You are allowed to make the change, provided you restore the unit to its original condition when you move out.
  3. You are not allowed to make the change.

The possible maintenance and repair of any facilities you install yourself are your responsibility.

Of course, you don’t want to go off the grid when you move into your new place. That’s why you should arrange your internet connection and TV and possibly telephone subscription as early as possible.


Most of our residential buildings are connected to a high-speed fibreglass internet network, which we have named KennisGlas. Check the KennisGlas website (dutch) to see if your building has also been hooked up. This information is also included in the details on each building in our Residential Buildings overview.

Students can go online free of charge via their SURFnet connection. Other users can get paid access to the internet via an Access connection.

It is not possible to get cable internet (CAI) in Stadswonen Rotterdam’s residential buildings. This is due to the fact that the installed cable is unsuited for this purpose.


All Stadswonen Rotterdam units have a working cable outlet for television and radio. The subscription fee for this connection is included in your standard service charges. With us, you watch digital television via provider Ziggo. Read these instruction on how to configure your TV for digital reception.

Telephone connection

The standard Stadswonen Rotterdam tenancy agreement does not include a telephone connection. This means that, if so desired, you are free to apply to KennisGlas or a landline provider (e.g. KPN) for a telephone connection.

Telephone connection via Kennisglas

In units that are connected to the KennisGlas network, tenants can apply for a telephone connection via Kennisglas. Check out (dutch) for further details.

Landline connection

You can also apply to a third-party provider (KPN, for example) for a landline for telephone and/or ADSL services. In most cases this provider will be able to activate the demarcation point for this line (the point where the public network switches to the building’s internal wiring) without having to involve Stadswonen Rotterdam. You can usually find your telephone socket in your living room and/or bedroom. In the case of a room with shared facilities (in which the tenant shares the shower, toilet and/or kitchen with one or more housemates), the telephone socket is often found in the premises’ main corridor or the kitchen.

Stadswonen Rotterdam’s role

In some cases a landline telephone connection cannot be activated without involving Stadswonen Rotterdam. In a number of buildings, the demarcation point for individual telephone lines is integrated in the building’s internal wiring. This means that someone from Stadswonen Rotterdam will have to link your landline to this infrastructure on location. This situation is found at the following buildings:

Before activating a landline connection in one of the aforementioned buildings, you will first need to ask Stadswonen Rotterdam for permission. If you gain permission, this will be confirmed in writing, and this notification will also include specific instructions for both the tenant and the third-party technician installing the connection. Do you live in one of the above buildings and would you like to activate a landline connection in your home? In that case please send your request to via e-mail, stating ‘aanvraag telefoonlijn’ (‘application for a telephone connection’) in the subject field. Please note: you will be charged a call-out fee for the work involved in hooking up your telephone line to the building’s infrastructure.

It is not possible to apply for a landline telephone connection in the following residential buildings:

This is due to the fact that these buildings lack the required exclusive infrastructure for this service between the building’s central switchboard and the individual units. Naturally, tenants can apply for a telephone connection via the KennisGlas network.

Tenants’ options for separating and/or disposing of their household waste differ from building to building. Does your building lack facilities for separating your waste at the source? The Municipality of Rotterdam offers an online map that shows the location of every general waste container and recycling point in the city, divided into general household waste, paper, glass and textiles. This way you can easily determine where you can drop off any separated waste you may have.

Waste and recycling map for the municipality of Rotterdam

Bulky waste

Don’t throw or dump any bulky waste, rubble or chemical waste in or next to the curb-side waste containers. You can dispose of your bulky waste at the civic amenity site free of charge. Are you unable to transport the bulky waste yourself, or think it’s too much of a hassle? In that case you can call municipal waste collector Roteb and arrange for them to pick it up. More information about disposing of bulky waste.

Which parking options you can find in the vicinity of your home differs from building to building. In some cases you need to apply to the Municipality for a permit. This is your responsibility.

Residential building with parking facility – free parking

Please get in touch with Stadswonen Rotterdam if you would like to rent a parking space in your complex. If there’s a waiting list, we will notify you as soon as you’re at the top of the list and a spot becomes available. Until that time you will have to park your vehicle on the public road.

Residential building with parking facility – paid parking

Please get in touch with Stadswonen Rotterdam if you would like to rent a parking space in your complex. If there’s a waiting list, we will notify you as soon as you’re at the top of the list and a spot becomes available. Until that time you will have to park your vehicle on the public road. You will need a parking permit for this. Please note: you may only apply for a parking permit if:

  1. The car is registered in your name.
  2. You are registered as a resident with the Municipality.

Residential building without a parking facility – free parking on the public road

Park your vehicle on the public road.

Residential building without a parking facility – paid parking on the public road

Park your vehicle on the public road. You will need a parking permit for this. Please note: you may only apply for a parking permit if:

  1. The car is registered in your name.
  2. You are registered as a resident with the Municipality.

Renting a parking space at a different Woonstad Rotterdam residential building

In some of our buildings, parking spaces become available on a regular basis. These spaces can also be rented by tenants from other buildings. Check out our available parking spaces here.

Applying for a parking permit

If you intend to park your vehicle on the public road in an area where there is paid parking, you will need to apply for a parking permit. Please note: you may only apply for a parking permit if:

  1. The car is registered in your name.
  2. You are registered as a resident with the Municipality.

You can apply to the Municipality of Rotterdam for a parking permit online.

The nature of its residential buildings generally makes it easy for Stadswonen Rotterdam to take advantage of collective, efficient energy facilities. For example, we generate a share of our electricity ourselves; in a number of buildings, tenants flush their toilets with rainwater; and our most recent residential developments like the Cité building incorporate a variety of cutting-edge sustainability features.

Good news for the environment – and your wallet

We’ve already laid the groundwork, in other words. As a Stadswonen tenant, it’s easy to step up your sustainability. ‘Do your own bit’ for the environment. You can keep a close eye on how much water and energy you use. You can separate your waste at the source. And you can encourage your housemates and neighbours to join in. After all, the building’s general service costs (including energy costs) are passed on proportionately to its residents via their service charges. This means that when your neighbours or housemates save energy, you ultimately benefit too.