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Rent increase

What is my new rent for 2021?

You should have received a letter or email from us informing you of the amount you’ll need to pay from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. You can also find this information in the Stadswonen Portal.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, I cannot afford to pay my rent. What should I do?

The coronavirus crisis is causing problems for a great many people. We are aiming to help everybody who needs it. If you are experiencing or expecting difficulties because of a loss of income, please do not hesitate to contact us on 010 245 67 00 to discuss a solution.

I feel my rent increase is inappropriate to my circumstances. What can I do?

If you feel your rent increase is inappropriate to your circumstances, you can appeal against it. There are a range of reasons which could be grounds for appeal, e.g. if you think mistakes were made in the way your rent was calculated, if your income has decreased or will do so, or if you qualify for the minimum income scheme*. Be sure to lodge your appeal by 30 June 2020.

Please note: you do not have a right to appeal if you are renting from the private sector (paying €737.14 or more per month).

*If you are on minimum income, there’s a possibility your rent won’t be increased. We call this the minimum income scheme. You qualify for this if:

  • the local municipality has confirmed you are only receiving the minimum income;
  • you are receiving welfare payments;
  • you qualify for buying a Rotterdampas for the minimum price of €5.

    How much is the rent allowed to increase by?

    The amount by wich rents are allowed to increase is decided by the govement every year. The price of basic rent for social housing will not go up this year. 


    This year’s rent increase for private sector accommodations (€752.33 p/m or more, or €737.14 p/m or more in 2020) is equivalent to inflation plus 1%. Therefore a total increase of 2.4%. If you have been notified that your rent will increase by more than 2.4%, you can lodge an appeal with the . This must be done no later than 30 June 2021.

    Why have I received a letter from the tax office?

    Some tenants have been contacted by the tax office because we asked them for information to help us calculate their 2020 rent. We needed to confirm:

    • your income category;
    • whether four or more people live at your address;
    • whether any members of the household are entitled to an old-age pension.

      I get a rent allowance. Do I need to tell the tax office my rent has changed?

      No, you do not need to report your revised rent amount to the tax office. We will pass this information on to them. The tax office might ask you to show them the letter or email we sent you about the rent revision. So be sure to keep this in a safe place.

      I get a rent allowance. Will I lose this if my rent has gone up?

      No, you won’t lose your rent allowance because of a rent increase. But you could do if the combined income of everyone in your household has gone above the threshold for receiving the allowance. We advise you to refer to all the tax office conditions for qualifying for rent allowance.