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Paying your rent

How do I pay the rent?

Direct debit
The standard method for paying rent is via direct debit (called automatische incasso in the Dutch banking system). The rent is automatically taken from your bank account each month. By default, this will happen on the 1st day of each month. If you prefer, you can change this to 5 days earlier or 5 days later in the Stadswonen Portal. Whatever works best for you.

You can set your direct debit up by completing the direct debit authorisation form.

You can also choose to pay your rent via AcceptEasy. Every month you’ll receive an email containing a link to iDeal. You can set up AcceptEasy via the form (in Dutch) on the Woonstad Rotterdam website. (Woonstad Rotterdam is the housing association of which Stadswonen Rotterdam is a part.)

What is the Stadswonen Rotterdam bank account number?

The Stadswonen Rotterdam IBAN (bank account number) is NL37 BNGH 02851 65623

Where can I see my paid and outstanding bills?

An up-to-date overview of your account, including your paid and outstanding bills, is always available in the Stadswonen Portal.

Can I make a special arrangement for late payment?

It can sometimes happen that exceptional circumstances mean you are unable to pay your rent on time. In such cases, Stadswonen Rotterdam is willing to come to a special arrangement for the payment. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to request this payment arrangement as quickly as possible via Stadswonen Portal.