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Problems with Stadswonen Portal

Why can’t I respond to advertisements for accommodation?

You will not be able to submit any applications if:

  • You are older than 27. Tenants can only live in our accommodations up till their 27th birthday. However, there are other options for finding a place to live in Rotterdam.
  • Your profile has not been completed correctly. You can only apply for accommodations that match your profile. Be sure to check whether the information about your course, income and age is correct.
  • You already have five live applications. When one of these is allocated to an applicant, you’ll be allowed to apply for one more accommodation. You can also free up spaces in your allocation by cancelling one or more existing applications.
  • You have failed to respond to an invitation for a viewing, or not shown up at a planned viewing, three times. Be sure to check your spam folder for any emails from us inviting you to a viewing. After a three-month break, you will be able to submit applications again.

Why can’t I log in to Stadswonen Portal (any more)?

If you’re unable to log in with your email address, request a new password for the email address with which you registered. If you’re not sure which email you used, please contact us.

Why aren’t I seeing any advertisements for rooms, studios and apartments?

If you’re not seeing any offers or advertisements, this is often because you’ve got an adblocker / pop up blocker installed. If you get rid of this, you should be able to view and respond to the advertisements. If you are experiencing this problem even though you don’t have an active adblocker, check to see whether you’ve got the most up-to-date version of your browser. If not, install it.