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Issues Stadswonen portal

I want to register, but payment fails

Unfortunately at this moment we only accept Ideal payment. Paypal and Creditcard payments will added as payment methods soonest. Do you experience troubles getting your payment across using Ideal? Please report the issue using your printscreen at

I can login and respond to the offering, but cannot view the responses in my account overview

  • If you're logged into your account and applied for our regular housing, it might occur that you don't see the offering you applied for in your account overview on MijnStadswonen.
  • It appears that technically the applicants come through well in our system and are put on the list of interests, but in some occassions the interest is not shown on the account page itself.

I'm a tenant and cannot login to my account

Are you unable to login as a tenant? Please request a new password, using your email address you used to whilst login in at our previous website. You can request the password at

I received an unregistered email, whilst I'd like to remain registered.

Some of you have received a confirmation of unregistration. Did you receive an unregistration email confirmation, whilst you would like to remain registered with an account? Plse send us the print screen of your unregistered confimation email and request to remain registered to Upcoming week we will manually repair this.

I have a paid registration, but cannot yet login and respond to the offering

We experience some technical isseus. Once you registered, you did receive a confirmation, however not yet the login details you need to have to be able to respond to the offers on the website. This issue is known. As soon as our systems have completed the registrations, you will receive your login details. Up and until then, you're unable to apply for any of our rooms or apartments.

I have a paid registration. I can login, but fail to respond or apply to any offering.

Please check your profile details. To be able to respond to our offering online, some conditions apply. The system checks your profile to see if you're allowed to apply for that specific offering. Check your education, income and age. Please retry to apply for the desired space. If problem still  occurs, please email us the print screen of your error / issue with a short explanation and your contact details so we can double check for you. Email us at