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Repairs and maintenance

How can I submit a repair request?

You should request repairs via Stadswonen Portal. For urgent matters such as gas leaks, water leaks or storm damage, call 010 - 24 56 700. (This urgent request number is available at all times.)   

What do I do if there’s a leak?

If you have a gas or water leak, call 010 - 245 67 00 (available at all times). For any other types of problems, please just report them via Stadswonen Portal.

Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance in my accommodation?

The maintenance of your rental property is divided between you as the tenant and Stadswonen Rotterdam as the landlord. Essentially, you are responsible for minor repairs and day-to-day maintenance, while Stadswonen Rotterdam is responsible for keeping the buildings and the accommodations inside them in good overall technical condition.

The exact agreements are laid out in the maintenance guide. This includes a list of typical repair and maintenance activities, showing who is responsible and how it is paid for in each case. It also shows whether the cost comes out of the fund designated for repairs, servicing, inventory or cleaning.

Stadswonen Rotterdam operates according to two different maintenance guides; for buildings with a management structure and for buildings without a management structure. 

Minor repairs decree 

By law, the tenant is responsible for covering costs of minor and/or day-today maintenance. The Minor Repairs Decree shows a summary of what falls under this category. It includes things such as replacing washers and other easily replaceable parts of taps, replacing or securing door handles and locks, securing of wall sockets and replacing of lightbulbs.



Repairs which have to be carried out as a result of negligence, uncleanliness, destruction or incorrect use by you as the tenant, or by your guests, are always at your expense.

My heating isn’t working. What do I do?

Heating not working? This is a problem you can often fix yourself, simply by ‘bleeding’ the radiators.

It’s actually really easy! All you need is a bleeding key (ask your building manager of they have one, or buy one from a DIY store for about a euro) and a towel. The manager from our De Snor building has put together a handy guide for how to bleed your radiators.

What do I do if my stuff gets water damaged?

Has any of your property been damaged by water caused by a leak? (This could be anything from flooring you’ve laid yourself to furniture, curtains, laptop, etc.) You’ll need to make a claim via your own insurance policy . Your insurer will explain the procedure.

What do I do if there’s water damage to the ceiling, walls or floor within my accommodation?

Stadswonen Rotterdam is responsible for repairs in the case of water damage to ceilings, walls and floors in residential units. This applies to original components which are listed in our standard inventory. You should report the damage via Stadswonen Portal and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your contact details and, if possible, photos of the water damage.

Has your own property been damaged by water? This is something you have to claim for on your own insurance policy, so you have to report it to your insurer. We strongly advise you to take out a contents insurance policy as soon as possible after moving in.