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How do accommodation inspections work?

When you move out, we need to inspect your accommodation to make sure it’s still in the same condition as when you moved in. So we can quickly prepare it for the next tenant!

Preliminary inspection

After you terminate your rental agreement, we’ll come round to conduct a preliminary inspection. Based on this, we’ll explain what you need to do, in terms of clearing, cleaning and repairs, before you leave.

Ready to leave

You must leave the accommodation clean, tidy and cleared of anything you brought into it. Use our checklist to guide you through. We won’t visit again for a final inspection, but you will be required to send us clear photos showing how you’ve left every part of the accommodation.

If anything’s not quite right

We will check whether you’ve left the accommodation in the required condition. If this is not the case, we will arrange for any necessary removals, repairs and cleaning, the costs of which will be passed on to you. See the cost list.

You should therefore make sure you’ve repaired any damage before you leave. If there are any repairs needed which fall under our responsibility, then make sure you report these to us before you leave.