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How do I register?

You can register online via the registration form. There is a one-time administration fee of €25.

Why do I have to pay €25 to register?

The €25 registration fee covers the administration costs for getting you into our system. We will not charge you any further agency fees or ask you for a deposit.

How old do I have to be to register?

You can register with us from your 17th birthday, even if you’re not yet ready to move into one of our accommodations. The sooner you register the sooner you start building up waiting time, which will help you get a room or studio faster when you need one.

Who can register?

Everyone who is taking, or planning to take, an MBO, HBO or WO course at a college in  Rotterdam and is aged between 17 and 27.

How can I get a place to live quickly?

  • Register as soon as possible. The longer you’re registered, the higher up the waiting list you’ll be.
  • Keep active in your searching and pay attention to what’s being offered.
  • Respond to advertisements for accommodations that interest you and which you are eligible for.
  • Don’t be too fussy. The stricter your demands, the longer it will probably take.
  • Look for a place outside of the peak summer period, when there’s less competition.
  • Apply to live in less popular buildings. You can always move again.
  • If you’re a first year student, take advantage of our special promotion which gives first year students priority for newly vacant rooms.
  • If you qualify for fast-tracking you’ll get priority.