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Hoge Wiek rebuilding plan

What prompted you to look into redeveloping this site?

When Vervat Vastgoed purchased the Havenziekenhuis building, they wanted to get to know more about the location before redeveloping it. They asked us if we wanted to participate in their research, because we have many residential buildings in the area. We agreed, and together commissioned Mecanoo to investigate the possibilities for this area and its buildings. Hoge Wiek was one of the buildings covered by the study. As it is outdated and in need of a major overhaul, we saw this as a great opportunity to increase the number of homes we can offer to students and graduates in this location in the future.

How was the decision to go ahead with the rebuilding plan concluded?

We looked at many different things, such as the building’s technical condition and the costs for fixing faults. We also had to make agreements with the municipality, and we looked closely at the benefits the rebuilding plan would offer for the site. This included things such as whether we could create more homes there than there are now, and how many more? We also looked at the consequences for residents, and discussed these with Hoge Wiek’s residents' committee. Ultimately, all these things played a role in the decision.


What does this all mean for the Hoge Wiek’s existing residents?

The demolition of the Hoge Wiek building does, unfortunately, mean that its residents will have to move out. We will personally help them find new accommodation. From October 2022, we will have one-on-one conversations with every resident to discuss their individual situation and how we can help with the move. We have allowed a year and a half for this.

Is the residents’ committee aware of all this?

We have remained in close contact with the board of the Hoge Wiek’s residents' committee while making these decisions, and that communication is ongoing. Before we took the decision to go ahead, we also asked the residents' committee for their recommendations. We continue to discuss the latest developments with them. Having already consulted about the rebuilding plan, we will shortly be discussing the residents’ rehousing, how the building will be managed and the quality of life within it.

What are the plans for the Havenziekenhuis building?

Vervat Vastgoed is working on its own project for the development of the Havenziekenhuis. It is up to them to decide exactly what they want to do with it. Read more about the development of the Havenziekenhuis.

Are the plans for Hoge Wiek dependent on those for the Havenziekenhuis?

No. The decisions around the Hoge Wiek’s rebuilding plan are entirely our own. Vervat Vastgoed has no influence on this. We will, however, try to align our plan with the Havenziekenhuis development, because of the buildings’ proximity to each other.

Can Hoge Wiek residents and those living nearby have a say in the plans?

All those living in the immediate neighbourhood will receive a letter from us informing them about these plans. From then onwards, we will update them on the latest demolition and construction developments via digital newsletters. These will also contain information about how and when people can share their concerns, wishes and ideas with us. If you’d also like to be on the mailing list for this digital newsletter, you can sign up via the invitation button on this page. If you want to share ideas with us, you can do so via

What kind of housing will the replacement building offer?

The new residential building will offer social housing for students and graduates to live independently. There will be a total of 369 homes, of which 246 will be rented to students and 123 homes to graduates.

How will the newly vacated accommodations be managed?

From August 2022, vacated accommodations manager VPS will manage the rooms which become empty in Hoge Wiek. We have agreed with VPS that remaining tenants will still have the option to select new tenants by interview, as well as being able to nominate candidates. VPS will contact the remaining tenants to arrange this. Vacated rooms must be empty, clean and tidy. Reselling of fittings and furniture to new, temporary tenants can be discussed with each one as their contracts are agreed.

How will Hoge Wiek tenants be compensated for having to relocate?

Existing Hoge Wiek tenants will receive compensation for needing to relocate. From October 2022, we will be holding one-on-one consultations with every one of them. Their compensation will be paid at the point they terminate the rental agreement. This is not dependent on where the tenants move to.

Will subletting continue to be permitted in the run up to Hoge Wiek’s demolition?

As of the announcement that Hoge Wiek will be demolished, subletting is no longer permitted. We want to find good, new long-term solutions for all tenants.

Will campus contracts continue to be enforced?

From the 2022/2023 academic year, campus contracts will no longer be enforced. Everyone in Hoge Wiek will have the same rights as each other and will be assisted in finding a new home.