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How can I contact Stadswonen Rotterdam?

We are following the advice issued by the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). We have therefore made changes to how we provide our services, in order to help prevent further spreading of the coronavirus. Our offices will be closed to visitors until at least 20 May 2020. You need tot make an appointment if you want to visit us. The appointment can only take place if you are NOT experiencing any flu-like symptoms such as a cold, cough or fever. 

Why do you no longer shake hands?

The coronavirus can also be spread by bodily contact. For the time-being, we are therefore not shaking hands with anybody. We are also maintaining a distance of at least one and a half metres between people.

I have an appointment arranged for a Stadswonen Rotterdam employee to visit me in my accommodation. How will that work?

We will be conducting as many appointments as possible by telephone. Our employees will only come to tenants’ homes if the specific situation makes that absolutely necessity. And only on the condition that you are not experiencing any flu-like symptoms such as a cold, cough or fever.

I have an appointment to view a property. Will this still go ahead?

We still want viewings to take place wherever possible. We will contact you to establish the best and safest way to do this. Taking care of your health and that of our employees is our priority.

I need to have something fixed. Can I still ask for repairs to be made?

You can continue to request repairs. Priority will be given to emergency cases which have direct and immediate consequences with regard to safety, health or leading to further damage. Emergencies include fire, burglary, smell of gas, blocked toilets, leaking water pipes, leaks from outside, broken porch or front doors, boilers not working (no heating or hot water), broken lifts, no power indoors or other hazardous situations.

If you think you have an emergency situation, call us on 010 245 67 00 and we will discuss how to solve it.

I am due to move into a property rented from Stadswonen Rotterdam. Will my viewing still go ahead?

Group viewings are no longer taking place. You will still be able to view the property, but without a Stadswonen employee present. We will call or email you to explain how this will work and how to collect the keys. We will continue to issue new rental agreements and you will be able to collect your keys once the contract is signed. We will also provide you with further information about this.

I am due to move out. Will the end-of-tenancy inspection still take place?

After you have terminated your rental agreement, we will provide you with instructions for vacating the property. An end-of-tenancy inspection will take place just before you leave, during which we will check that you have left the property in an acceptable state.

Will it still be possible to conduct tenant interviews?

Yes, tenant interviews can still take place. If you rather meet via platforms such as Facetime of Skype, ask the existing residents if they agree with that. 

What types of maintenance work will continue to be carried out?

For as long as we and our contractors have enough people and materials available, the following maintenance work will be carried out:

• Urgent day-to-day maintenance;
• Tasks associated with moving;
• Urgent repairs to installations such as boilers, ventilation systems and lifts;
• Planned maintenance on the outside of the building such as the roof or painting;
• The replacement of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets within renovation projects.

If you live in a building where planned maintenance activities are being postponed or altered, we will inform you as soon as possible.

In which cases will work NOT be carried out (inside an accommodation)?

1. If you prefer this not to take place inside your accommodation (except in cases of emergency);
2. If you (or anyone in your home) is experiencing flu-like symptoms;
3. If you are in a group considered as especially vulnerable (e.g. elderly, underlying health conditions);
4. If you have recently returned from a high-risk region;
5. If we or our contractors do not have sufficient people and materials available, or if we do not believe we will be able to complete the job (inside inhabited properties).

If you have an appointment for maintenance to be carried out and any of your household are unwell, in a vulnerable group or have recently returned from a high-risk area, please inform us by calling 010 440 8800 during normal working hours – Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 17:00. We will discuss how to rearrange the appointment.

Which work will be prioritised if there is a shortage of people?

1. Work to remedy the following urgent situations, which MUST be done in any case:

  • Blockages;
  • Broken water pipes;
  • Smell of gas;
  • Leaks from outside;
  • Broken access doors or anything else which prevents people from leaving or entering the building or its accommodations;
  • No heating or hot water (boiler not working);
  • Lifts: if they are not operating or if people are trapped inside them;
  • No electricity inside an accommodation;
  • Anything which is dangerous to others in the neighbourhood.

After these, work is prioritised as follows:

2. Day-to-day maintenance (following a request for repairs)
3. Tasks associated with moving
4. Renovation projects on bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.

It is possible that work will take longer to attend to and complete than normal. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Is there anything I can do to prevent further spread of the virus?

We recommend you to follow the tips given by the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). Building managers will be making sure that extra cleaning of communal areas takes place. You and the other members of your household remain responsible for keeping your unit and accommodations clean. In the coming weeks, you should regularly and thoroughly clean things which are frequently touched, such as door handles, light switches and banisters.

How will it work with using laundry tokens?

The building managers will individually figure out how to arrange the issuing of tokens for using the washing machines and dryers. Please contact your own building manager about this.