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Living in Prins Alexander

Rotterdam Prins Alexander is a perfect district for students. It’s easier to find a room here than it is in most other districts.

Rotterdam Prins Alexander is located to the east of the city centre. The district offers a number of shopping centres as well as its own local sports facilities and nightlife. Our residential buildings are close to Kralingse Bos: the perfect place to kick back and relax, or have a bit of exercise if you prefer.

On bike, you can reach Kralingse Zoom - with Erasmus University Rotterdam and one of the locations of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in a mere ten to fifteen minutes. And if you keep cycling, you’ll be in the heart of the centre in another five or ten. Our popular residential complex De Snor is even more central: along the very edge of Kralingse Zoom.

What makes Prins Alexander particularly interesting is that many of our new tenants aren’t familiar with this district. First-timers often look for a unit in Kralingen or City Centre, meaning that it’s generally a lot easier to get a room in Prins Alexander than other districts.

Our residential buildings in Prins Alexander are intended for students aged between 17 and 27 who are following a full-time MBO, HBO or WO course in Rotterdam:

    Currently available

    Did you know that?

    • You’re allowed to barbecue in Kralingse Bos, and that the park has its own beach?
    • Seen from above, the residential building 'De Snor' looks like a moustache?
    • Alexandrium Shopping Centre is a shopping paradise?