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Definitely worth exploring

North is a great, friendly area for students to set up. Stadswonen offers a large number of rooms and flats in this district.

A welcoming part of town. Numerous educational institutions are only a short bike away. A good place to check out is De Hofbogen. This former Dutch Railways overpass has been converted into a centre for dozens of unique enterprises. From a neighbourhood coffee shop to an architect’s office, and from a bakery to a furniture shop. And you can also find some great addresses to eat out, or go dancing.

The well-known Vroesenpark really comes alive in the summer, and Proveniersstraat is increasingly developing into a new entertainment area, with nice wine bars, restaurants and welcoming lunchrooms. The new Luchtsingel pedestrian overpass and public area links North Rotterdam with the city centre.

Did you know that?

  • The Luchtsingel was possible thanks to crowdfunding?
  • Hofplein will also be getting its own rooftop park?
  • North is home to the Rotterdam’s largest brewery?

Residential buildings in the spotlight


I moved here for love, but I ended up falling in love with the city!


During Eurekaweek, I won a year’s free rent!