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Who are we?

Rotterdam’s premier provider of student accommodation

Your time as a student is a really special period in your life. We want to make it as enjoyable as possible by providing wonderful, unique places to live. With more than 6,000 affordable student rooms, studios and apartments, we are the largest housing association in Rotterdam that’s dedicated to students.

Unique rooms and student homes in Rotterdam

As Rotterdam’s premier student accommodation provider, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a great place to live in Rotterdam. Thanks to our broad choice of rooms and studios, you’ll be sure to find something that’s just right for you. How would you like to live in an old church? Or have a view over the Maas? Do you want to be right next to Erasmus University, or is a quieter location more to your liking? Our rooms, studios and apartments are located in and around the centre and near to educational establishments.

Good quality of life for Rotterdam students

Having a nice home is certainly important for good quality of life. As are the area you live in and the support you get from your landlord. We offer safe, appealing accommodations where you can live, study, meet others and generally enjoy yourself without any worries. Our residential buildings and the neighbourhoods they’re located in are especially suitable for students and young people.

After finishing your education

We also consider your needs after you leave full-time education. Everyone who rents from us and goes on to get a job after leaving college has the opportunity to move to our apartments, which are just right for young working people. In this way, we support our tenants who want to continue living in Rotterdam after their studies.

Stadswonen Rotterdam guarantees tenants a good living environment. Safety in and around our residential buildings is an important part of this. All of our large buildings have their own, largely independent, residents’ committee. These residents’ committees represent all of their building’s tenants and ensure compliance with the agreements made between them and us, as the landlord. Residents’ committees are chaired by their building’s manager who acts, in many instances, as the link between tenants and Stadswonen Rotterdam. This facilitates close cooperation between tenant and landlord, so that together we are able to continuously improve the quality of life.

There are a number of ways in which we support our residents’ committees. For example, by arranging annual fire safety training and awareness campaigns. In addition to providing information, these training sessions also include practical fire extinction and escape exercises. We also help to establish contacts between the fire brigade, the police and the residents’ committees for possible participation in meetings.

Since 1 May 2015, Stadswonen Rotterdam has been part of Woonstad Rotterdam, the city’s largest housing association. Which is good for us and good for you! Because it means we have more to offer to meet your wants and needs when it comes to housing, buildings and neighbourhoods.

Stadswonen Rotterdam

  • Student rooms starting at EUR 325
  • Largest selection in Rotterdam
  • Housing allowance possible
  • No deposit to pay

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