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Who are we?

In our buildings you live independently, but you're never alone . This way you share the benefits and the burdens!

Stadswonen Rotterdam lets over 6,000 good-quality, affordable rooms, studios and flats to students and people starting out on Rotterdam’s housing market. This makes us the largest provider of rental accommodation to students and young people in Rotterdam.

Stadswonen was established in 1961. On 1 May 2015, Stadswonen Rotterdam was incorporated in the housing association Woonstad Rotterdam. This allows Woonstad Rotterdam, as the largest housing association in Rotterdam, to serve the entire rental market - from students to senior citizens.

At Stadswonen Rotterdam, tenants are assured of decent quality, safe and affordable housing units, with no unwelcome surprises. In addition, Stadswonen Rotterdam offers them attractive opportunities to move on to a new rental property at the end of their time as a student.

As tenants, students and young people are mainly interested in aspects of experience and lifestyle. When you start living on your own, this marks the beginning of a dynamic period in your life in which you take all sorts of decisions by yourself - from your choice of study to your first job. And each individual has a different lifestyle. That is why Stadswonen Rotterdam offers a variety of units in a range of different residential buildings. There is something to match everyone’s taste and style. Safe and attractive locations, where you can live, study and meet new people without having to worry about your housing situation. Stadswonen’s buildings are all situated along or near Rotterdam’s Knowledge Axis (KennisAs in dutch) - often in the city’s central district - in neighbourhoods that have a clear urban quality and look and feel.

Stadswonen Rotterdam actively supports the municipality of Rotterdam’s ambition to retain as many highly trained residents in the city as possible, by focusing on providing students with appropriate housing and helping young people to move on to homes suited to their new situation after graduation.

Stadswonen Rotterdam works to guarantee a good residential and social environment for its tenants. One important focus area in this context is safety conditions in and around our residential buildings. All our large residential buildings have their own, largely independent residents’ committee. These residents’ committees represent all tenants in the building and ensure that the building’s general regulations and house rules are adhered to. The Chair of the residents’ committee also serves as the building’s residential manager. The residential manager acts as intermediary between the tenants and Stadswonen Rotterdam in a number of situations. According to the Tenants and Landlords (Consultation) Act (‘Wet op het Overleg Huurder-Verhuurder’, WoHV), the residents’ committee serves as Stadswonen Rotterdam’s official interlocutor on building-related matters. This ensures that the tenants and landlord work in close consultation and safeguards quality of life in the building.

Stadswonen also attaches great importance to fire safety. That is why, every year, Stadswonen Rotterdam organises a number of fire safety trainings and fire awareness campaigns. The residents’ committees of each of Stadswonen’s buildings are expected to take part in these trainings. In addition to providing information on fire safety, the trainings also include a number of hands-on extinguishing and evacuation exercises.

Stadswonen Rotterdam supports the residents’ committees with public information materials (posters, stickers, brochures) and guidance and advice in the organisation of information meetings. Furthermore, Stadswonen Rotterdam helps to bring the fire department and police in touch with the residents’ committee for the purpose of possibly participating in the aforementioned events.

Stadswonen Rotterdam has been a part of Woonstad Rotterdam since 1 May 2015

100% committed to Rotterdam

Woonstad Rotterdam is a socially involved enterprise that makes targeted investments in districts and neighbourhoods that need this kind of support. It works on the principle that even if someone has less disposable income, he or she is entitled to a comfortable life in an affordable, future-proof home. In addition, we offer good-quality homes for young people with a higher education and families with a median-level income, in order to retain these groups for Rotterdam.

Our staff work with dedication and passion. Together with the residents, the municipality and other partners, we work to ensure that Rotterdam is an attractive residential environment that tenants and homeowners enjoy as a place to live and work.
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Stadswonen Rotterdam

  • Student rooms starting at EUR 325
  • Largest selection in Rotterdam
  • Housing allowance possible
  • No deposit to pay
  • Also available for short stay

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