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Tips from the locals

25 feb 2019

Tips from the locals
Where are the best places to go out in the city? What must you be sure not to miss?


Lives in: woongebouw Westersingel
Rotterdam in one word: multifaceted
Hotspot: Bar3 in Nieuwe Binnenweg, a lively spot where everyone’s always having a really good time. 
Tip: ask someone who knows the city to show you around. That way you get to discover a lot in a short space of time. 


Lives in: woongebouw Snellinck II
Rotterdam in one word: multicultural
Hotspot: Het Park - the Park next to the Euromast
Tip: take a walk through the city and enjoy all the beautiful things you encounter along the way.


Lives in: woongebouw Bredestraat
Rotterdam in one word: home
Hotspot: the Binnenrotte street market. You’ll find me there nearly every Tuesday and Saturday!
Tip: take a bike ride along the Maas or to the parks. 


Lives in: woongebouw Struisenburg
Rotterdam in one word: architectural
Hotspot: Gare du Nord, an old train carriage which has been turned into a restaurant.
Tip: get a “Rotterdampas”, which will give you discounts and even free entry for all kinds of fun stuff


Lives in: woongebouw Cite
Rotterdam in one word: modern
Hotspot: the Wilhelminapier and Katendrecht. 
Tip: go to Witte de Withstraat for delicious beers, great eateries, nice shops, festivals and friendly people.


Lives in: woongebouw Maasboulevard
Rotterdam in one word: daring
Hotspot: anywhere that serves craft beer, such as Locus. 
Tip: get out and about, discover the city and dare to try new things. Be sure not to miss the parties, they’re fantastic!


Lives in: woongebouw Haringvliet 
Rotterdam in one word: lively
Hotspot: LantarenVenster for films and shows
Tip: get to know your neighbours as soon as possible and/or join an association. By meeting new people, you also get to learn about the city. 

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2020 rent increases

Just as last year, we have only increased rents by a moderate amount for 2020.

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Stadswonen Rotterdam takes precautions against the coronavirus

In order to prevent further infections and spreading of the coronavirus, Stadswonen Rotterdam is implementing a number of precautionary measures based on the RIVM guidelines.

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You can now report breakages via WhatsApp

As of today, Stadswonen Rotterdam tenants can report breakages via WhatsApp. Also, you can now immediately arrange a time for the repairs to be done.

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