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2020 rent increases

22 apr 2020

2020 rent increases
Just as last year, we have only increased rents by a moderate amount for 2020.

Rents for our social housing will increase by an average of 2.4%, which is lower than the 2.6% inflation rate. We have not increased rents at all for households on the lowest incomes.

When we review and adjust our prices each year, some rents remain the same while others rise. Overall, we always have to increase prices by a small amount in order to carry on doing what it takes to provide good quality accommodation and pleasant neighbourhoods in Rotterdam. Because everything gets a little more expensive every year, due to inflation, we increase our rents by an average overall amount which is roughly equal to inflation.


How your rent money gets spent

Part of the money received each month from all Stadswonen Rotterdam tenants is spent on maintaining properties, paying our employees, repaying loans and paying tax.

The remainder goes towards making our homes and the neighbourhoods they are in better places. This includes improving existing accommodations, making properties more energy-efficient, providing good services and working to create attractive neighbourhoods. We also pay interest and capital on the loans we’ve taken out to build new homes. At the same time, we want to keep rents as low as possible. As a social landlord, we feel affordable accommodation is of great importance.

We’d love to be able to do everything at once. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible because the money we have in the bank at any moment only goes so far. Just like any other business, we have to make choices about how to allocate our resources between the various demands. We try to do this in a way that benefits as many Rotterdam residents as possible. Those who live here now, as well as those who’ll come in the future.

Rent review 2020

Once again in 2020, we have applied only a moderate rent increase which least impacts those with the lowest incomes. The government has set the maximum allowed increase per accommodation at 5.1%. For tenants renting social housing from Stadswonen Rotterdam in 2020:

  • 9% will not have their rent increased
  • 81% will have their rent increased by the rate of inflation (2.6%) or less
  • 10% will have their rent increased by more than the rate of inflation, up to a legally allowed maximum

This allocation of rent increases enables us to keep rents as affordable as possible for each individual tenant, while maintaining our accommodations to a good standard and continuing to invest in making Rotterdam an attractive city to live in.

Difficulties paying?

Tenants who are experiencing difficulties paying their rent should always contact us to discuss a solution. This includes those whose income has suddenly dropped due to the coronavirus crisis. Our debt collection policy has always been focussed on avoiding evictions. We will not evict anybody who falls into arrears during the coronavirus crisis.

For more information, see our rent review 2020 page and FAQs.

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